About The Project

Readership Pro is a state of the art website building and hosting resource optimized for writers, providing advanced tools and features that generic website builders fail to cover for writers' specific needs. Understanding that authors and writers of all kinds need to invest most of their time and energy in their work, we deliver website building and hosting that automatically takes cares of authors' requirements, without requiring them to use their precious time on their website.

Our Aim

Readership Pro was initiated with the aim to empower and equip authors, giving them the freedom to own and maintain websites that truly cater to their needs. We recognize authors as an asset and use Readership Pro as a means to play our part in helping them achieve more through what they do for the world.

Author websites are largely different than other websites since they target a different niche altogether. This is why generic websites don't work for most authors and they have to add in their own features and elements to make them work. Readership Pro targets and effectively solves this, bringing not just a website builder and hosting platform for authors but also providing features that benefit writers.

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