This selection contains only some of the features that will make up Readership Pro. Some may be ready for the launch, and some may come at later stages. We'll always be thinking up new ways to help you develop your writing career.

Key Features

No Coding Required

Use our platform with ease even if you don't know a word of programming.

Wizard Forms

Our smart forms will take you through the process of creating a website with minimum effort and time.

Custom Pages

Create free-form pages using our drag-and-drop interface. There's no limit to your creativity.

Changeable Themes

Change the way your entire website looks with a single click of the mouse.

Additional Features

Title Pages

Each of your titles will be presented on a separate page with all its relevant data.


Easily bundle your titles into series pages where necessary. No more typing everything twice!


Enter a review a single time, and it will appear on the book's page as well as on the reviews page.


Proudly display your awards in all the relevant places.


Have your fans following you around from event to event. Automatically list future events and past events.


Share your musings and knowledge with your readers! A personal relationship will keep them engaged with your works.

Works in Progress

Track your progress in works you haven't completed yet. Your readers will see your books growing, live.

Media Kit

Your always up-to-date media kit, with all your completed works, will be always available to download.

Tagging System

A state-of-the-art tagging system will allow your readers to know all about your books without spoilers.

Hosting Included

No separate hosting fees. Readership Pro is an all-in-one service. (Read more in the FAQ.)

And More

This is only a partial list of features. We plan to give you robust, powerful tools to boost your writing career!

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