Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions and their answers. Is your question not covered here? Feel free to contact us and ask.

Launch & Costs

We plan on opening the gates in the first half of 2016. We can’t announce a specific date yet, because so many variables are involved. Please check back regularly for updates.

We plan to keep very competitive prices, and to offer significant discounts for long-term enrollment. Readership Pro fees will include complete and full use of the website-building interface, plus hosting for your website.


The problem with social networks is that you're not the one setting the rules. You're playing in someone else's sandbox, and that someone can get nasty without prior warning.

Facebook did.

Did you pour hours of work into building your FB page audience? Many authors have, and they cried foul when FB decided that only paid posts will reach their entire page audience. Didn't help them much. Overnight, pages in FB became 80% less effective.

That's what happens when someone else makes the rules. Don't let it happen to you.

Do you have a website built with WordPress, Weebly, or any other solution? How long did it take you to build? How much work does it take to keep it updated?

The problem with these tools is that they’re not custom-made for authors. They’re too generic. And because they try to cater to everyone, they miss you, the author. That means more work and time spent on your website instead of your writing, and that sucks.

Readership Pro saves you that extra time and frustration by keeping you first and foremost in our minds.

Usage & Editing

As many as you’d like. We do not plan on limiting the page count in any of our enrollment plans. There will be a few core pages (which you can always disable/enable), and in addition to them, you can create as many free-form pages as you’d like.

Whenever you’d like. The system will be open to you 24/7, and you can make any changes you have in mind without needing to consult with us. We do not plan on limiting the editing access in any of our enrollment plans.

Absolutely not. Though some coding (mainly HTML and CSS) might get you more advanced results, Readership Pro will be built to provide you with a professional, gorgeous, and fully-working website without a word of programming on your end.

Of course. Readership Pro is all about giving you the opportunity to easily create and maintain a website. You can update it whenever you wish, without limits.

Yes. We plan on offering a “Do It For Me” service, where you can send us your materials (or your existing website), and we will create your Readership Pro website. This will be charged separately from the usual Readership Pro fees.

No problem. With every Readership Pro account you can create multiple websites with multiple domain names. We plan to offer this feature at no extra cost.

Hosting & Domain Names

Alas, hosting is part and parcel of Readership Pro. Readership Pro is not a Content Management System you can download and install on your own hosting account. We do not intend to distribute the Readership Pro website builder itself.

We do plan on using a very robust hosting company, and we believe you’ll be happy with the site’s performance and speed. Also, even with hosting fees included in the Readership Pro fees, we plan on making our prices competitive.

Absolutely. You can buy your domain name (e.g. on your own and then plug it into your Readership Pro website, or else you can buy a domain name through us. Either way, we plan to offer this service at no additional cost.

Absolutely. Your website will appear to the public as , and you can use this option for as long as you desire at no extra cost.

Yes. We can make the purchase for you and plug it into your website. You will be listed as the owner of your domain, and we will be able to transfer it to you should you ever want to hold it in your own private account.

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